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Scream Day

Get the stress out.

Scream Day was created to bring awareness to the benefits of screaming. Screaming on its own is proven to be very beneficial, you can scream in your pillow, in your car, or in your bathroom.

To participate find a place where you feel comfortable screaming. Take a deep breath and let out your best scream

Feel better?? Share your screams on our social media platforms! Tag @scream.day on Instagram to have your scream featured.

Gloucester Daily Times - Local business seeks to make "Scream Day" an official holiday



Screaming can help let out pent up emotions “[Screaming] creates a chemical reaction that is similar to the one you get when you exercise—you get a dopamine hit and some endorphins going.” —psychotherapist Zoë Aston, BACP (accred). During these challenging times letting out a scream can be a healthy way to release your emotions. We encourage people to scream in creative and private places to help you get out of the house. I recently had a nice scream in my hot tub underwater. 

Eastern Medicine which has been practiced for well over 2,000 years touts the benefits of screaming. According to Dr. Lu a master of Traditional Chinese Medicine recommends screaming to help with Liver Chi stagnation. The liver in Chinese medicine can become unbalanced from stress-relieving the stress can be done by moving screaming or doing yoga.

Submit your Scream

Others who are screaming

Inspired by Iceland

They let you record your scream and then release into a beautiful Icelandic landscape

The American Heart Association

Had a ‘Scream booth’ in downtown Austin that let people yell their stress away providing a safe way to #getthestressout.

New York City hairstylist

Made this Vent Box to encourage her friend to let out Cathartic Screams.

Psychotherapist Zoë Aston, BACP (accred)

“[Screaming] creates a chemical reaction that is similar to the one you get when you exercise—you get a dopamine hit and some endorphins going.”

Just Scream!

A participatory sound art project created by Chris Gollmar. Call. Wait for the beep. Scream. Hang up. That’s all there is to it.

Five Places to Scream into the Void around Boston

In the Boston area and need a safe place to scream? Check out this article for some interesting location ideas.


How to celebrate

It's all about letting the stress out. Scream where ever you can, as loud as you can.

  1. Pick a unique location

  2. Set up your phone in a safe place and hit record

  3. Tag @scream.day to or submit here have your best scream featured

Some places you can scream...

in your car
in the woods
at your desk

Scream... at us!

Questions about or how to participate in Scream Day? Yell at us here and we'll let ya know!

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